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The Jumbo Package: 10-06-10

Alabama notes: Receiver Maze's TD throw leaves his teammates amazed | | Montgomery Advertiser

"He had been telling us he can throw the whole time, but we never really believed him," quarterback Greg McElroy said. "He did a great job putting it right where it needed to be, high and outside to the tight end."

Maze also may have solved an ongoing riddle over who has the best arm: Maze or running back Mark Ingram?

"Maze," said Ingram, who missed an open receiver last season. "He put that ball right on the money. Even if I did say I had a better arm, he proved me wrong. I'm 0-for-1, he's 1-for-1."

Notes: 'I do what's asked of me,' says Tide's versatile Dont'a Hightower |

Hightower said this defense is starting to remind him of the vaunted 2009 defense.

"I kind of feel like we wanted it a little bit more this game," he said. "It kind of feels like what I expected in fall camp. That's kind of what I saw and felt, was that defense right there. It reminds me a lot of last year's defense, but to me it seems like everybody was a lot more hungry, and everybody wanted to make plays that game."

McElroy decides it’s time to start sliding |

“Sliding just feels like to me a sign of weakness. I guess that’s just my ego or whatever,” McElroy added. “I probably need to start doing it for my own sake and my team’s sake. It’s just not the smartest thing to do.”

Spurrier focused on Alabama, not milestone - Sports Breaking News -

Spurrier's next Southeastern Conference win would be his 107th. That would move him out a tie for second with Ole Miss great Johnny Vaught. Alabama icon Paul "Bear" Bryant is the conference's all-time leader with 159 league wins.

I'm pretty sure Vaught is safe for another week... #totallyjustjinxeduswitharrogancegrrrrr

Ingram's Heisman season took off against South Carolina | Montgomery Advertiser

"I didn't expect for it to be that many yards," Ingram said. "It was crazy. It was really sur­prising. When I first heard the number, I had to turn and dou­ble-check."

And speaking of...

Alabama Crimson Tide at South Carolina Gamecocks Scouting Report: Three Questions for Alabama Has the Ball - Garnet And Black Attack

Let's hope Ellis Johnson has figured out something to prevent what happened last year from happening again.

and etc.

Is the SEC overrated? | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment

SEC recruits will be all over the field at Alabama-Mississippi Football Classic |