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The Jumbo Package: 10-07-10

Greg McElroy: Beating Florida with one brain tied behind his back.
Greg McElroy: Beating Florida with one brain tied behind his back.

Notes: McElroy sustained head injury against Florida |

"He's actually so poised and so good, he got hurt really in the second quarter and nobody knew it," Saban said. "He got hit in the head when he scrambled once, he got hit on the sidelines and it really affected him in the game, I think. We didn't know it until the fourth quarter when he called the play wrong on the formation wrong, then tried to run the play that we signaled."

Tide defense has tough job against Gamecocks receiver |

"It will be interesting to see if they just play against us like they do everyone else, which most teams do," said South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier. "Every now and then they may run some man-to-man with the safety over top against Alshon. Other than that, most teams usually play their scheme of defense and go from there.

"I have a feeling they’ll know where Alshon is most every play because we have thrown more of our downfield passes toward him. It could be important to get the other guys involved if we can a little bit more."

Best yet to come for Lester, Tide secondary - SEC Blog - ESPN

"Our defense is complicated," Lester said. "But anybody can come in and learn it if you’ll take the time to study it. You have to educate yourself in this defense and learn from the older guys as you go along. I can tell a big difference in the way we’re playing and how fast we’re playing compared to when we started the season.

"The way we bounced back against Arkansas should say a lot about our secondary. The main thing now is executing the game plan every week and eliminating our mental errors. That’s what’s going to take us to being the kind of secondary we all want to be."

Tide's defense making the red zone a dead zone |

"When the field shrinks and you play pass defense in the red zone, you don't have the vertical separation in the field like you have when the ball is out in the field," Saban said. "Everything gets condensed, the area for the quarterback to throw gets condensed. We've done a good job of executing so far down there.

"The big thing is you stop the run, so you can make them pass. ... Most really good teams in the red zone run the ball effectively."

Gamecocks a sleeping giant, or have they just been sleeping? |

"Some of our fans are disillusioned. Nobody wants to believe the other guys are sometimes better than our guys."

Why I’m Hoping For An Alabama vs Oregon National Championship Game | Saturday Down South

The Pac-10 has been left out of the national championship picture now for several years.  The SEC beat up on the Big Ten for two years (Ohio State) then we turned our focus to the Big 12 with wins over Oklahoma and Texas.  Now, it’s time to make a statement to those sissy west coast programs out in the Pac-10, and as far as I’m concerned, Oregon and their high flying offense is a great team to make an example of.  Let’s go get ‘em.

and etc.

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