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The Crimson and White Roundtable: Week 6


1. Did the decisive win over Florida answer all the questions about this Alabama team? Why or why not?

I don't think it answered "all" the questions about this team, but it was certainly the game we've been waiting to see.  The offense effectively put the game out of reach before half time and was on cruise control the rest of the way, the defense showed massive improvement in just about every area (physical at the point of attack, good pressure in the backfield, passes were routinely contested, etc.).  The one question that still remains is can we start getting some stops in the backfield instead of letting 5 yard losses turn into 1 yard gains because of poor tackling.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy as can be that we are finally getting back there in the first place and I'll take having both Courtney Upshaw and Marcell Dareus 100% healthy and 100% disruptive over what we saw the first few weeks, but it would be nice to start getting teams into 2nd/3rd and longs on a more consistent basis.  We've had the opportunities, so let's start taking advantage of them. 

2. What is the biggest concern going into the game with South Carolina next Saturday?

This kind of goes hand in hand with question #1, namely can we stop their interior running game now that we seem to have found the right combination in the front seven, and can we start being more disruptive in the backfield.  SC has shown a commitment to the run with Marcus Lattimore, and even though they are middle of the pack in the SEC in rushing offense, Lattimore is averaging a decent 4.4 ypc.  If SC will line up and commit to running between the tackles they could have some success early, but who knows what Spurrier is going to do week in and week out. 

3. Should we expect the running game to have the kind of success it did last year against the Gamecocks?

 The ground game has been phenomenal so far this year, so I don't see why it should stop now.  The question should be "do we need the running game to have the kind of success it did last year agains the Gamecocks?"  Honeslty, no.  Florida sold out to stop the run and were kinda sorta successful at it (Ingram was held to only 47 yards and a 3.9 ypc, but the team rushing totals were a more respectable 5.0 ypc thanks to some big runs by both Richardson and McElroy), but McElroy and the passing game were clicking so well that we were up 10-0 before the ground game really even became a part of the game plan.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that no, we probably aren't going to see anyone posting a 250 yard day.  Not because we couldn't, but because we shouldn't need to.

4. Last year someone should have told Steve Spurrier the end zone fade wasn't going to work. What piece of advice should someone give the Old Ball Coach this year?

The golf course is where your heart is.  Follow it.