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The Jumbo Package: 10-08-10

CODE RED: Tide's 'D' dials in near red zone |

"It's about going out and attacking those guys when you are down there," defensive lineman Josh Chapman said. "You've got your back against the wall, you're not that far from the end zone, and it comes down to what's inside you."You don't want to give up the points down there."

Tide, Gamecocks set for red zone smackdown - NBC Sports

"Sometimes, against teams like this, you don't want to get to the 1-yard-line," Spurrier said. "You'd rather get to the 7 or 8 or something like that. Sometimes it's actually easier to score from that distance."

Spurrier even noted the Tide's goal line stand on Texas' opening drive of the national title game. The Longhorns had first-and-goal from the 1, and had to settle for a field goal after two rushes and an incomplete pass on their opening series.

"So just cause you're down there close doesn't mean you're going to get a touchdown against Alabama," Spurrier said. "Those guys, they're not going to concede anything to you. To be in the game, we've got to score TDs if we can instead of kicking field goals from short range."

Alabama QB Greg McElroy has story about Nick Saban - Page 2 - ESPN

"As a player, I think when we were first playing at LSU in 2008, Coach Saban's first time back, Coach Saban actually went to one of his former players' high school games, so the thing that impressed me was the fact that Coach Saban still maintains such a relationship with his former players. He just has so much respect for the players and obviously his players have so much respect for him. He comes across as such a difficult person, tough and unwavering personality but he really does have a tremendous amount of compassion for the people that suit up for him because he understands the dedication and the commitment and sacrifice that we all made to play for him."

One Great Chance - The Daily Gamecock

STEVE SPURRIER UNDERSTANDS the situation. He senses the extra excitement and anticipation. He knows why the Columbia Broadcasting System has arrived in the Capital City. He realizes why ESPN has sent Kirk Herbstreit and his buddies to a different Horseshoe.

He gets that it is about the opponent in this one.

"We're part of the Alabama show this week, but that's OK," Spurrier said.

You know it has to be eating Spurrier alive to be a part of someone else's show....

Vlachos expects UA to keep punching |

Vlachos, however, says South Carolina is tougher than its statistics might indicate.

"They are a physical team, and we are a physical team," he said. "It's just going to be one of those games. There are teams like that. Some teams are more speed teams. They try to disguise things. But we aren't that kind of team, and neither are they."

and etc.

Download the Alabama-South Carolina Gameday Fact Sheet |

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