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The Jumbo Package: 11-10-10

Considering all the latest on Cam Newton is the story in college football this morning, not a lot of great links concerning Alabama-Mississippi State.  Still, have at them.  And since it's Wednesday, we'll be doing the Roll Bama Roll Radio Hour(ish) tonight at 8:00pm CST over at TalkShoe.  Join us, won't you?

ALABAMA FOOTBALL: Tide taking Bulldogs seriously |

"If you go look at the way they've played, they deserve it," Alabama center William Vla­chos said. "They've earned ev­erything they've got. They've beaten people the right way, they've played physical, they've played smart, and they're good in every facet of the game."

Notebook: Alabama likes look of special uniforms |

Anyone else kind of forget we are wearing the alternate uniforms for this game?  Just me?

The uniforms aren't greatly different from Alabama's usual duds. There's a houndstooth design in the numbers, a special patch on the chest and an American flag on the right sleeve. The Tide will have different shoes and specially inscribed gloves."The houndstooth on the numbers, the cleats, the gloves," Ingram said. "I like them. It's a little change. The change is good."

Also of note, DeQuan Menzie will play this weekend:

"He was healthy, he warmed up," Saban said. "He practiced all week and we'll probably play him a little bit more in this game. In fact, he may end up starting in this game, but he was capable of playing in this last game, so he has no physical problems."

Tide’s offensive line looking for answers |

"We might have 10 guys doing the play perfect and one guy not doing it right. Whether it’s the quarterback position, or the wideouts or not hitting the right hole with the running backs or the line blocking," McElroy said. "... It’s just lack of consistent execution. We might have nine good plays and one negative play, and it just kills a drive, whether it’s a penalty or a busted assignment with the blocking scheme or anything of that nature. It’s something we haven’t quite been able to iron out all year."

Alabama and Mississippi State notebook |

BAD NEWS doesn't even begin to describe this:

BAD NEWS: It's been well-documented that Alabama has a penchant for slow starts, while Mississippi State usually starts strong. The Bulldogs have outscored opponents 85-27 in the first quarter.

and etc.

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