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The Jumbo Package: 11-17-10

Carpenter is a silent contributor |

"He doesn't say anything. He never speaks unless spoken to," Saban said. "But that doesn't make him any more or less, so I guess you would say he's not really a vocal leader. But I think he leads by example. He's never an issue, never a problem, never in trouble, never doesn't do the right thing. I don't even know that his name has ever come up since he's been here for missing class or anything. ... I think he'd be one of the guys that the players would kid a little bit because he is so quiet."

Tide notes: McElroy's interview for Rhodes Scholarship nears; Saban apologizes |

Completely unnecessary, Coach.

On his weekly radio show Tuesday night, Alabama coach Nick Saban apologized if he offended anyone for the smack on the backside he gave AJ McCarron after chewing out the backup quarterback early in the fourth quarter of a 30-10 victory over Mississippi State Saturday night.

"A tap on the butt is a sign of encouragement," Saban said. "I was intense, but I was not angry with AJ. He didn't have a problem with it. We were laughing about it the next day."

McCarron's 'spanking' vintage Saban - SEC Blog - ESPN

It’s one of the things that makes him one of the best coaches in the game. He doesn’t care who’s in the game, what the score is or what the circumstances are. There’s a certain standard that’s been set, and he expects all of his players to play to that standard at all times.

Here’s the other thing: Saban is as high on McCarron as any young player in that program. The first name out of his mouth when I asked him about his freshmen last August soon after they started practice was McCarron.

Alabama Holds Final Practice Before Georgia State |

"We know that every game we play is important," sophomore defensive back Robert Lester said. "Every player in college is an athlete and can make plays. We can't look ahead to Auburn and look past Georgia State, because they could sneak up and beat us."

Tide's younger players may get chance to play against Georgia State |

"Just to see how he's grown up from first day of practice and fall camp to now is good to see," said Ingram, who admits he's amazed at Lacy's spin move, though Lacy uses it too often. "Eddie Lacy has probably one of the best spin moves I've ever seen," Ingram said. "He knows when to spin and it's quick, so you don't catch him coming out of the spin and getting hit too of­ten."