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The Jumbo Package: 11-18-10

Trent Richardson’s status for Tide’s game Thurs. uncertain | CollegeFootballTalk

"He actually wanted to play in the last game, but we didn’t feel like he’d practiced enough or he was ready enough," Saban said. "I still think we have to evaluate that day-to-day. It will be interesting. He really didn’t do anything on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so he’s had three recovery days as well as rehab days to see where he is today, and that will determine a lot as to how ready he will be to play in this game and what contribution he’ll be able to make."

Alabama hosts Georgia State in a rare Thursday night game at Bryant-Denny Stadium |

This game was moved up to Thursday night to give Alabama more time to prepare for Auburn. But Nick Saban's mantra is focus. Anything that takes away from tonight's focus on Georgia State could potentially derail the message.

"We're not concerned about anything else," Saban said. "We're not concerned about anybody else but the team that we play this week."

Saban has sold the Alabama-Georgia State as a strong test.

"This team (Georgia State) played to overtime against Jacksonville State who beat Ole Miss," Saban said. "We respect the players that they have. We respect the good job of coaching that they do."

Bill Curry goes back to Tuscaloosa as a changed man | Jeff Schultz

This is Curry’s Eden.

"To be with a group of young people, most of whom have been told they’re not good enough, and show them how to succeed and have a meaningful life – I haven’t felt like this in a long time," he said. "I wish I was mature enough to have the same objectives as I did before. But I didn’t. I was caught up in the winning."

University of Alabama Football Report for 11/17/10: Humpday Edition

What is seldom remembered now is that Curry wasn't fired; he quit. For Kentucky! And unless you're planning on shooting free throws with that football, you don't consider that gig a step up.

You don't leave Tuscaloosa for Lexington if your focus is on championships. And if championships aren't your thing, maybe you shouldn't have been in Tuscaloosa to begin with. In that, we can find a lesson: if one is determined to play the victim, life will oblige easily enough.

Saban: 'I'm very comfortable with the SEC code of ethics that we have' |

"One thing I've tried to get our guys to do is, let's take care of our business and our business will take care of us. In other words, let's do what we're supposed to do. Let's evaluate. Let's do things the right things ourselves. We're not concerned about what everybody else is doing. And that's the way I've always tried to approach it, just to make sure we're doing things the right way and we're doing a good job in what we're trying to do.

and etc.

Download the Alabama-Georgia State Gameday Fact Sheet |

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Georgia State |