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The Jumbo Package: 11-02-10

Just what the doctor ordered: Alabama regains health during bye week |

In terms of giving his body a rest?

"It helps a lot," Ingram said. "Just not to be going out there and banging around on Saturday, just to be able to relax a little bit and get off your feet, it definitely helps your body recover a lot."

In terms of mind, body and spirit Alabama is about as good as can be expected on Nov. 2.

"You never know how your team is going to respond to a bye week relative to how they're going to come out and play," Saban said. "I think it's important they get back in the routine for this week and prepare for this game."

Blueprint for success? |

"We know what type of defense LSU has," Ingram said. "The past two years that I've played them, they've been great athletes running to the ball. They're a big challenge to us. We just have to focus on our game plan. We really can't worry about what anybody else has done. We've got to focus on us."

Slow road starts continue to dog Alabama |

"You certainly want to be able to get off to a good start wherever you play, whenever you play," Saban said. "I don't really know exactly what the reason might be (for slow starts). I think I know. I think that you need to have some calm in the midst of chaos sometimes when you play on the road because there are a lot of other distractions, and I think mature players that have experience probably handle that a little bit better. Now that we've played on the road a few times, I thought we handled it a little bit better at Tennessee. Hopefully we'll handle it a little bit better this time."

LSU game full of BCS implications |

"Obviously, we’re very pleased and happy with what happened Saturday. I think I was screaming louder for Nebraska and USC and Iowa. I was rooting for those teams as hard as ever on Saturday," quarterback Greg McElroy said. "I think we’re very pleased, and obviously, we just want to improve.

"This team, we understand that it all starts Saturday with LSU. If we’re able to get a victory there, then we can focus our eyes on Mississippi State, and Georgia State, then Auburn in that order. It’s one game at a time."

Alabama, LSU have little margin for error

"This team has a great opportunity in the last one-third of the season," Tide coach Nick Saban said Monday. "We need everyone's best. We need their best attention to detail. We need their best energy and enthusiasm, the best focus on execution.

"The focus doesn't need to be on the finish line."

Jeff: Miles Game Plan For Alabama - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3

"I think that our football team realizes that this is going to be a very competitive game," Miles said. "I don't know that getting over the hump is the view. I think it's more of doing the things that we are capable of doing and letting the game be decided in that way. I think we are capable of defending this team. Offensively, I think we are capable of scoring points so just play our style of football."

LSU Coach Les Miles' press luncheon comments: Alabama |

"I think the open week was good for us. We had three quality practices. I think Wednesday's practice may have been the best practice we've had this year." "Offensively we'll stay with both quarterbacks. It's an necessity that we need both quarterback skills. I like how Jefferson played on Saturday and how Jarrett Lee played in the Florida game." "Defensively, coming off an unusual week where we were preparing for a guy like Cam Newton. ... We'll look forward to seeing guys line up in a position that we're very comfortable defending. ... It's a very talented offense but one we understand the complexities of a little bit better."

and etc.

Alabama vs LSU Preview | Saturday Down South

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Believe it or not, it's got football content.