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Point and Laugh, Boys: Boise State Just Choked

Well, at least one pack of ass clowns wearing orange and blue went down today. Boise State just pissed away a big lead and lost in overtime to Nevada after the Boise kicker missed two chip-shot field goals, one to win the game in regulation and the other to open the first overtime period. I guess you just don't walk into, ah, who the hell am I kidding, I don't know where Nevada plays even though the girl just told me five minutes ago.

Anyway, Boise totally deserves to be in the national championship game, and why hasn't Kellen Moore gotten more Heisman Trophy buzz? Look, they beat Virginia Tech -- Virginia Tech!!! Perennial ACC powerhouse -- and they've been beating everybody in the WAC by like 50 points a game. Why can't you people respect the sheer awesomeness of this team? This is an even bigger snub than when Marshall didn't get to play FSU in 1999.

But seriously, though, make sure you rush out and buy Dan Wetzel's "Death to the BCS" about how pure greed and elitist power-brokers are keeping deserving teams like Boise from earning their rightful place in the national championship game. Hey, you've gotta wipe your ass with something, and unfortunately I'm betting there is a toilet paper shortage in the state of Alabama right now.