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Alabama Falls in the Polls

As expected, 'Bama fell closer to the bottom end of the top 25 in the latest polls. Specifically, 'Bama fell to 17th in the AP and to 19th in the USA Today poll:


No real room to complain, though. No team with three losses is going to be ranked very high in most years, and we are still the highest-ranked three loss team in the AP and the second highest-ranked three loss team in the USA Today poll. Nevertheless, it's disappointing because this is the lowest we've been ranked since the 2008 pre-season poll, and honestly we may need to win the bowl game or risk falling out completely.

The bowl game will be interesting, of course, but for now there are entirely too many possibilities to have any one destination firmly in mind. Our BCS hopes are gone, but the Capital One Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Peach Bowl, and the Outback Bowl are still legitimate possibilities and we will end up at one of those four destinations. The situation is obviously still fluid, but for now that gives you some possible opponents like Michigan State (Capital One), Oklahoma State or Texas A&M (Cotton), Virginia Tech, Florida State, Maryland, or NC State (Peach), and Iowa and Michigan (Outback). Have fun speculating.