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Houston Nutt to Colorado?

Jon Gruden was going to Miami, then that got shot down five minutes later, and now we've got Houston Nutt heading to Colorado. Well, I guess. Maybe. Per some blog I've never heard of before:

According to a source close to the situation, Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt is set to take the head coaching vacancy at Colorado. Nutt has been down this road before. While at Arkansas, Nutt was heavily intertwined with the Nebraska and LSU coaching vacancies before becoming the Ole Miss head coach. Clearly nothing is official until we hear something resolute from Nutt himself.

Nutt apparently has been unhappy with Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone for some time now.

National Football Post gave that report more publicity, and apparently this Ole Miss site is reporting the same thing but then again their site blows and doesn't work now, so they may also be reporting that the moon landing was all staged for all I know. Same goes for this Arkansas website that I've also never heard of before.

For what it's worth, Nutt himself sent a pretty narrow denial to a reporter, so who knows? Our old friend Neal McCready also denies all rumors, but obviously that guy doesn't know shit. Personally, I figure it's just the next step in Nutt's ultimate goal of getting his name mentioned as a potential candidate in every single football coaching search for the rest of time. If nothing else, he does a hell of a lot better job of getting his name mentioned for openings than he does winning football games.

Either way, the whole coaching turnover silly season is always a hoot, and it looks like we are in for even more fun this year. Lord knows the rest of the college football landscape is depressing as hell now for those who bleed crimson, so we might as well have fun with this one. 

And back to Nutt, I'll paraphrase Chris Griffin's comments on Kevin Costner here, how does that guy keep getting work?