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Alfy Hill Enrolls at Itawamba Community College

Per Izzy Gould, Alfy Hill has enrolled at Itawamba Community College in Fulton, Mississippi:

Former Alabama signee Alfy Hill will enroll at Itawamba Community College in January, and remains a Crimson Tide recruiting target for a possible return for the 2012 season.

Alabama assistant Sal Sunseri spoke with Hill's former high school coach, West Brunswick (N.C.) coach Jimmy Fletcher, this week.

Most 'Bama fans will probably be well aware of Itawamba. It's right near the Alabama state line in northeast Mississippi, and several Alabama players have came out of Itawamba over the years, including most recently Nikita Stover.

On Hill's end, this one seems pretty obvious, he's wanting to come back to 'Bama. Itawamba is only a little over 100 miles from Tuscaloosa, and it's an 11-hour drive from his hometown of Shallotte, North Carolina to Fulton, MS. Why in the world would Hill enroll there of all places? The answer seems obvious.

Even the principals involved here aren't denying the obvious. According to Chase Goodbread, Hill's new coach at Itawamba, Jon Williams, had the following to say:

"Basically, if Alabama wants him back, obviously they’ll get first dibs at him. Truthfully, I’ve had more discussion with Alfy and his high school coach than I have with anyone from coach (Nick) Saban’s staff," said Williams. "But I’m pretty certain he has intentions of making it back to Tuscaloosa. If that’s the case, he’s not recruitable by anyone else."

No real need in analyzing this one here. Obviously 'Bama wants Alfy Hill, and Alfy Hill wants to be at 'Bama. His deal would basically be just like every other JUCO player we place. If he graduates in a year and a half from JUCO and can enroll at 'Bama early in January of 2012, we'll take him and he'll have a scholarship. If not, he'll go somewhere else. It all boils down to what he does in the classroom.