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The Jumbo Package: 11-05-10

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LSU coach Les Miles puts a new twist on communicating |

As we said on the Radio Hour(ish) a few weeks ago, Les Miles is performance art at this point, and honestly, if I were a coach, I'd do the exact same thing just for fun:

Perhaps it’s better to let Miles’ own words demonstrate his unusual way of getting his point across. Here are a few gems from his news conference on Monday:

"As a coach when you sit there and watch a football Saturday and you don’t have a game to play, you wonder where you are at."

"It is a necessity that we need both quarterbacks’ skills."

"I don’t know that getting over the hump is the view."

"I guess what I’m saying is I’m in the key piece of my season where the big plays have yet to have been made."

Tide hopes to get off to better start on the road | | Montgomery Advertiser

Alabama's three previous SEC road games haven't meant easy strolls.

The Crimson Tide has been outscored 31-6 in the first quarter of games at Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee. Alabama has allowed just 37 first-quarter points all season.

"As an offense, as a defense, we have to get off to a better start," said receiver Julio Jones, who pointed to this week's practices as the first step. "We have to practice how we want to play."

Alabama heads to LSU, lurks near top of BCS standings -

"We understood the difficulties and adversities that the season was going to pose," said McElroy, the nation's eight-rated passer with a 71% completion rate, 11 touchdowns and only three interceptions, "but we have done a good job of handling things up to this point. We responded well after our loss to South Carolina. Last year's team really improved after the bye week, we kind of got better as each week progressed, and that's what this team needs to do as well.

"Hopefully, that will lead to a nice ending to a good season."

and etc.

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