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Friday Night Hoodoo Thread: Finally, Some Hot C-USA ACTION!

Friday night folks, so three things:

1. Sweetheart Deployed: You're welcome.


2. Central Florida at Houston:  Considering we've been stuck with ACC/Big East crapfests for most of the weeknight games, a surprisingly 6-2 Golden Knights (with both losses coming by less than a TD against NC State and K-State) visiting the hard luck Cougars (who are still at 5-2 and in control of their own destiny as far as a conference title goes) might actually be worth watching.  7:00pm CST on ESPN2.

3. Time to Grovel: I don't think I need to remind you how important this game is, so I'll trust that y'all will bring it with the embarrassing admissions and what not without any extra prompting from me.

Bonus Embarrassing Admission: I have purchased clothing for the dog, and I don't just mean the Bama jersey, either. See, last winter I took her for a walk thinking she would be fine 'cause, hey, she's got a fur coat on already. But when we got back and I picked her up to carry her up the stairs she was just shaking away, so I decided I better get her a doggie coat or sweater or whatever for purely utilitarian purposes. I mean, if she's cold she needs something to keep her warm, right? Anyway, I went to the pet store and bought a little jacket type thing...and I wish the story stopped there. For the next few weeks I wound up getting her about 5 different little sweaters because every time I would go to Wal-Mart or Target or anywhere that sold them I would inevitably see one that I thought "oh, Maddie would look so cute in that!" So there you go, I am gay because of the dog. That should be worth a 1st quarter TD or two.