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Miami Down to Final Three Candidates

Jon Gruden to Miami! Okay, so that one did not pan out. I mean when you lose faith in the Miami site, what hope is left for faith in the rest of humanity? But, yeah, seriously, The U is down to three final choices and, shocker, Chucky's nowhere to be found. From the Miami Herald:

The University of Miami has honed in on three candidates for its head football coaching job as of Friday evening: Temple University coach Al Golden, Connecticut coach Randy Edsall and Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman.

Multiple sources said Miami went into Friday evening strongly considering all three candidates, with a decision expected in the next few days. UM also had been considering Texas Tech coach and former UM assistant Tommy Tuberville, who would be a potential fallback choice. Tuberville told a Lubbock (Texas) newspaper on Friday that he spoke with UM this week but is not a candidate. But friends say Tuberville has expressed interest in the job.

Ouch, not exactly the most inspiring list in the world. No Gruden, no Mullen, no Peterson, no Pelini, nothing. I imagine both Al Golden and Randy Edsall would be pretty solid hires -- and for what it's worth, I think it's obvious that it's only a matter of time before both take promotions to bigger schools -- but any time your final three includes a 55-year old former alum whose claim to fame is a three year run in the CFL, obviously things are not going particularly well in your coaching search.

Finally, you have to love the Tuberville bit. He admits to speaking with Miami about the job, but claims he was only assisting them in their search. He basically did everything but say that the only way he'll leave Lubbock is in a pine box. At any rate, the notion that Tubbs would legitimately turn down the Miami job to remain at Texas Tech is laughable at best. Tuberville will name Tony Franklin as his new OC and Mike Leach will invite the James family over for Christmas dinner before Tubby legitimately says, "Um, no thanks Miami, I'm going to stick around here, Lubbock is lovely in December."