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Miami Hires Al Golden as Head Coach

Why yes, the new Miami head coach will be sporting a suit and tie on the sideline. And he expects his players to be "well-groomed." I'm sure that will fit well with guys like Jacory Harris and their, um, interesting clothing choices. According to ESPN:

Al Golden has been offered and accepted the Miami coaching job, a source confirmed on Sunday.

The 41-year-old Golden spent five seasons at Temple, transforming the Owls from a program that was 1-11 in his first season to winning 17 games in his past two seasons at the Philadelphia school.

A source told The Associated Press that the deal is believed to be for at least four years and worth up to $8 million.

Not a bad hire given the situation, I suppose, and infinitely better than raiding the CFL. Nevertheless, notice the terms of the deal, at least four years for "up to" eight million, which basically caps Golden's salary at two million per year. Basically, all of that junk about  Miami stepping up to the plate financially and all of that was just a bunch of rhetoric and hot air. In other words, Tha U is just as broke as ever. Good luck, Al, at least it's not Temple.