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ESPN Twitter: Kirby Smart to Florida; T'Town News: Job "Smart's to Turn Down"

No one else has reported this in the thirty or so minutes since it was posted on the official ESPN Mobile Twitter account, but nevertheless this is posted:

Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart reportedly to leave for same job at Florida.

We'll see how this one plays out. No confirmation, or even further elaboration, for now, but this one has been on the radar screen for a couple of days and it's certainly possible. One way or the other, I imagine we should hear more in the very near future.

For what it's worth, the publisher of the Florida 247 Sports website, at approximately the same time of the ESPN Twitter posting, says that this one is highly unlikely to happen. Full statement:

Just got off the phone with a friend of Smart's who says, "It's 99% sure he's staying at Alabama. I'm leaving the door open just a little bit because a lot of things could happen between now and January 1 but it's really improbable that he will leave Alabama."

We'll see.

Update: Nothing definite one way or the other about the final outcome, or anything overly surprising for that matter, but the Tuscaloosa News confirms that the job is Smart's for the taking and that he has had discussions the past couple of days with Will Muschamp:

The University of Florida defensive coordinator position is Kirby Smart's to turn down, a source close to the situation has told The Tuscaloosa News.

Smart, defensive coordinator at the University of Alabama the last three seasons, and new Florida head coach Will Muschamp have been in discussions about the position in recent days, multiple sources say, although it is not known if Muschamp has made a formal offer that includes financial terms. It is not known if Smart will take the position.

Honestly, I'm not sure this one qualifies as much of a surprise one way or the other. I don't anyone ever legitimately doubted that Muschamp would pursue Smart, and as a further note I don't think anyone legitimately believed that Smart would not at least listen to what Muschamp had to say. Hopefully Smart stays in Tuscaloosa, obviously, but this one looks to be up in the air, and one way or the other hopefully we'll get some sort of official clarification soon.