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Some Encouraging News on Kirby Smart; Update: Smart and Davis Staying?

Admittedly this one is not a whole lot, but take this as some encouraging news regarding Kirby Smart. Per Gentry Estes:

Latest on Kirby Smart this evening? He's still employed by Alabama, will be recruiting tomorrow for Tide in state of Georgia, per source.

Obviously it is nothing definitive one way or the other and it could easily change at any moment moving forward, but it is comforting to hear that, with the Florida offer in his pocket for more than a day now, Smart is still at UA and at least for now apparently intends on remaining in that role.

Update: Obviously take this one with a grain of salt considering the source, but the Florida 247 Sports site, the same one that originally speculated on both Smart and Bo Davis potentially going to Gainesville, is now recanting the earlier story and say that both will now likely remain in Tuscaloosa:

Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis has decided to remain at Alabama along with defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. That's from a really good source.

Update II: I hate to pass this one along, but a friend on Twitter makes a great point on the Gentry Estes tidbit. December 13th through December 16th is a recruiting dead period, which means that there can be no contact whatsoever between a recruiter and a prospect except for phone calls (which are limited to one per week) and correspondence. During this time a recruiter cannot be on the grounds of a high school campus, cannot make in-person contact, cannot conduct evaluations on or off campus, cannot schedule official visits, and cannot allow unofficial campus visits. There is no exemption for juniors in the rule, and the exemption for early-enroll signees does not begin until December 20th and in any event applies only to prospects who have already signed their letter of intent. In other words, unless he is breaking NCAA rules -- which is highly, highly unlikely -- Kirby Smart will probably not be recruiting in Georgia tomorrow, regardless of what the source told Gentry Estes.

Update III: Um, yeah, going to have to ask you to totally disregard the previous update. We were looking at an old recruiting calender. As Gentry pointed out on Twitter, the dead period for 2010-2011 does not begin until December 20th. The December 13th deadline applies only to JUCO kids who are enrolling early. Click here for the current recruiting calender.