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Dana Holgorsen to WVU as Head Coach in Waiting

Turns out there was something to all of those Bill Stewart retirement rumors after all. Per The Statesman:

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen is headed to West Virginia to become the Mountaineers offensive coordinator/head coach-in-waiting, a source familiar with the interview process told the American-Statesman Tuesday morning.

Holgorsen will leave Oklahoma State after one season in which the Cowboys offense was the nation’s top-ranked unit and assist Bill Stewart and then become West Virginia’s head coach, starting with the 2012 season. Holgorsen will serve as offensive coordinator next season and receive a six-year contract, including a term of five years as head coach.

Interesting turn of events, to put it nicely, as most thought Holgorsen was the leading candidate for the Pitt opening a few days ago. And honestly, it's really a surprise that Stewart is willing to stick around another year, because the WVU AD is making it pretty clear that Holgorsen is his man moving forward and that Stewart is just a figurehead. If nothing else, I suppose, the fact that he is sticking around another year probably says quite a bit about his Stewart's loyalty to the Mountaineers. 

For 'Bama, this one could have a couple of potential impacts that you should keep your eye on: One, with Holgorsen out of the running at Pitt, does Sal Sunseri get a second look for that job? And, finally, two, will Trooper Taylor be a candidate for the OC job at Oklahoma State?