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Aaron Douglas Still 'Bama Bound

Aaron Douglas may find himself on a very short leash once he arrives in Tuscaloosa, but judging by comments today from Nick Saban he is still 'Bama bound in the wake of his DUI arrest a few days back. From Izzy Gould:

[Nick] Saban, who was at Disney Quest on Sunday morning for a Capital One Bowl event, indicated Douglas could face some form of internal punishment once he reaches campus.

"First of all I don't know a whole lot about it being over the holidays and this and that," Saban said. "We're in kind of a dead period so were in limited communication. We have ways to deal with that internally. The guy's not even here yet in our program. It's certainly not something that we want to be representative of our program. We'll deal with it when he gets here."

It seems obvious that Douglas will receive some sort of punishment once he arrives, and I suppose it's possible that he could even be suspended for the Kent State and / or Penn State game. I'd wager that he will be on a zero tolerance policy from here on out, but at the very least it seems like Saban will give him another chance. Based on what Saban said today, I think you can safely forget about any possibility of a dismissal for now.