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Jeremy Hill De-Commits From LSU

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As DocFumbles mentioned in his fanshot, here is some fairly interesting recruiting news. Per the Twitter of Shane Youngblood:


This one could be pretty big news for 'Bama. To be sure, Hill had been committed to LSU for a very long time -- he originally committed to LSU in September of 2009 -- and he is making it pretty clear that by no means are the Bayou Bengals eliminated from consideration. A lot of people still think he ends up staying in his hometown of Baton Rouge, but he is pretty high on the Tide after his visit to Tuscaloosa last weekend, and in honesty we have never really stopped recruiting him despite his LSU commitment.

We'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks, but this latest news puts us firmly in the mix for three tailbacks as we enter the stretch run. The odds seem good that we will get at least one to sign on the dotted line, perhaps even two.