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Robby Green (Maybe Not?) Suspended (Updated)

Bad news coming out of Tuscaloosa right now:

University of Alabama defensive back Robby Green has been suspended for a violation of team and NCAA rules and will not participate in spring practice, multiple sources have told The Tuscaloosa News.

It is unclear when the junior from New Orleans might be reinstated, but sources indicated the suspension may extend beyond spring drills.

Green played in all 14 games last season as a "reserve" safety, though the coaches many times stated they considered Green, Mark Barron, and Justin Woodall co-starters.  Green burst onto the scene during the 2009 A-Day when he shocked most observers by earning a chance to fill Rashad Johnson's shoes at free safety despite having been recruited as and working with the corners throughout his redshirt freshman year.  Green is likely our best cover safety and his suspension leaves the secondary that much more vulnerable after the departures of the top three corners and Woodall, the most experienced safety.

No news yet on his offense, but I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation (mostly from rivals) over the next few days.  Knowing Saban's desire to keep all disciplinary matters in house we may never know, but considering he violated NCAA rules I'm sure it will come out before long.  This is about the last thing we needed.

Update (OTS): Notice in the link now that the Tuscaloosa News has removed the wording about Green violating NCAA rules. Apparently that was a mistake on their part because now it only indicates he violated team rules. Still hate to hear it for Green, of course, but that is good news for us.

Update (Todd): From Tide Source, Saban acknowledges a "situation" but says suspension announcement is premature:

"There is a situation with Robby and we are currently in the process of determining the facts," Saban said in a written statement that was issued after reports surfaced that Green has been suspended for violating team rules.

"To make any kind of announcement on his playing status at this time is completely premature and it is not appropriate to do so until we have a chance to go through due process for Robby and his family.

"If there is a change in his current status, we will make an announcement once a final determination is made."