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Top Moments of the 2009 Season: Marquis Johnson vs P.J. Fitzgerald

Yesterday Mark Barron's INT/TD against South Carolina topped Greg McElroy's block against Florida with 60% of the vote. Personally, I voted for McElroy 'cause it was an unselfish, heads up play that (I think) embodied the "team" mentality that got us to Pasadena. Pressing on, today we pit another great performance against South Carolina against another heads up and physical play from an unlikely player against Florida; Marquis Johnson's lockdown heroics vs P.J. Fitzgerald's tackle. Vote away:

Fitzgerald's* Tackle

Marquis Johnson Redefined

Updated bracket after the jump:

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*note that Verne actually gets P.J.'s name right, while Danielson calls him "Richards." Opposite day, y'all.