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National Signing Day Preview

With National Signing Day merely hours away, I wanted to go ahead and make a post tonight to establish a rough outline for tomorrow's activities.

Now, in terms of substantive news, with the commitment tonight from Arie Kouandijo, Alabama looks to have relatively little activity tomorrow. This should not be like the extravaganza that we had a year ago. Two prospects will announce sometime tomorrow morning that we should keep our eyes closely on, and those prospects are Shon Coleman and James Stone. Those guys have largely gone back and forth the past week or two, and I'm not sure anyone feels overwhelmingly confident as to what either will do. Unless something unexpected happens, those two races are apparently the only ones that involve legitimate possibilities for the Crimson Tide.

But, of course, it is National Signing Day, and each and every year a bunch of crazy stuff happens that no one ever sees coming. Rest assured that it will happen this year, too, and it may very well happen to Alabama. All current commitments are expected to fax a letter of intent to Tuscaloosa sometime tomorrow morning, but again anything can happen. There is still some speculation about Corey Grant, and there are potential academic situations with Keiwone Malone and Deion Belue. I imagine it should go smoothly, but quite frankly if you are really surprised at anything that happens come Signing Day, well, you really haven't paid very close attention to the nature of the beast.

And, as is often the case, there are a lot of rumors that we could grab someone almost out of nowhere. We did that a year ago with Kenny Bell, and there are a lot of rumblings out there that we will do that again this year. Who knows? Again, rumors run so wild this time of year that it is virtually impossible to distinguish fact from fiction.

One way or the other, we're going to have it all here at RBR. Early tomorrow morning we will have an open thread posted and we will have open threads throughout the course of the day. In those threads we will not only follow Alabama recruits, but many of the other big-time recruits that will be announcing tomorrow, including Keenan Allen, Seantrel Henderson, Markeith Ambles, Corey Lemonier, and others.

Simply put, on our end, expect something very similar to what we had a year ago. Join us early and chime in often tomorrow throughout the day here at RBR, and until then, just hope for the best.