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National Signing Day Open Thread

Well, guys, National Signing Day has arrived, so let the drama begin. Todd will be updating this post throughout the day with some news of the announcements, and we will add an additional thread if this one gets too big. For now, chime in here with all of your comments.

In terms of schedule, obviously everything is tentative with these deals, but apparently Shon Coleman will be announcing at approximately 9:00, and James Stone will be about an hour after that. Keenan Allen is supposed to get things kicked off bright and early around 8:00.

Hope for the best.

Update: Things could technically begin at 7:00, and we have already seen the first few letter of intents come across the fax machine. Alfy Hill, DeAndrew White, and C.J. Mosley are all in.

Update II: Corey Grant has apparently faxed his LOI in, so remove his name from the list of potential worries. Adrian Hubbard, Wilson Love, and Austin Shepherd have sent their LOIs as well.

A good early morning load of our minds...

UPDATE: Well folks, it's looking like the most anti-climactic signing day ever is pretty well over for us.  Other than Keenan Allen, we held on to all of our previous verbals and had everyone's LOI in by 10am.  It would have been nice to add either Stone or Coleman if for no other reason than it keeps them from a rival, but overall we're now into the sort of loaded territory that's more focused on specific needs than grabbing every shiny star we can 'cause we need them everywhere.  Yeah, today has been boring, but I think this comment sums it best:

would y’all rather Sims pick a hat today….or Milliner? Or would you rather them already be enrolled?