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Top Moments of the 2009 Season: Round One - Ingram vs Barron

With all the hubbub of National Signing Day behind us, we're back to reliving the best moments of the 2009 season. P.J. Fitzgerald's tackle in the SEC Championship Game advanced to the second round over Marquis Johnson's redefining performance against South Carolina. That was actually probably the toughest choice for me so far. Full disclosure, I went with Fitzgerald. As much as I loved Johnson proving all his doubters wrong, that was as close to a form tackle as you will ever get from a punter and the fact it knocked James out of the game made me all giddy that even our kickers are out there making asses quit. Today we've got Ingram's final TD in the national title game that effectively sealed the deal for us, and Mark Barron's gravity defying pass break up at Mississippi State. Vote away.

Ingram's Final TD

Barron can FLY

Updated bracket after the jump.

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