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28 Days later...

Four weeks ago, we all woke up on a Friday morning...or afternoon...or probably even the evening in some cases basking in the knowledge that our beloved Crimson Tide ended a 17 year drought on national titles. We all knew we'd witnessed something special the evening before and that there'd be a bit more spring in our step in the coming days. I remember high-fiving strangers around town over the next few days that I'd see in Bama gear or giving a hearty "Roll Tide" to people at traffic lights with an Alabama sticker on their car. I knew the feeling would be strong for a while and that it wouldn't dissipate after a few days. What I didn't expect though was four weeks later that I'd still be chugging along with that feeling of champion-ness as strong or stronger than when it happened.

I've stopped high-fiving strangers because I think the luster has worn off for some folks (or more likely that they'd think I was insane at this point), but otherwise, I'm still beaming. Seriously, I still find myself occasionally JFP'ing around the house (as one of my friends calls it: the Jeter Fist Pump) when I think about the win. Sometimes I even manage the Bruce Arena 2002 World Cup celebratory pose. I even went so far as to strike this pose in public last night recounting the awesomeness of Mark Ingram the BCS Championship Game (much to the amusement of bystanders.) I got so into recounting the game last night that I was even talking about it to a friend in Novi Sad, Serbia via chat. They even offered me the chance to talk about football to their class (my friend is a teacher) if I ever make it over there for a visit.

The energy that game has given me (and a lot of people) is incredible. My friends and I still excitedly recount plays from the game whenever we get together. In September though, we begin the task of defending our hard won crown. Something that won't come easy by any measure. The great feeling brought about by this title will never go away, but when the new season arrives, it'll be time to focus on that season and we can't merely be pleased or coast off the feeling of last year's championship as the new season will bring new challenges and goals. That being said, enjoy these next several months as a Crimson Tide fan. Enjoy every second (I'm even hosting a watch party for the season highlight DVD at my house for a few friends when it arrives.) Bask in what the team accomplished. We can only hope it won't be another 17 years until we have this feeling again.