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Position change for Michael Bowman?

With the start of spring practice just around the corner, it should come as no surprise that the rumor mill is slowly starting to churn. The rumor du jour involves rising redshirt freshman receiver Michael Bowman, claiming that Bowman will be either permanently moved to tight end this spring, or at least tried there situationally at some point in the coming weeks.

Is there any validity to this rumor? Well, apparently it stems from a quote that Devin Bowman -- Michael's younger brother, a recruit in the 2011 class, and a prospect we are actively recruiting -- recently made to one of the recruiting services. Personally, however, I haven't directly seen any such quote, so I cannot verify anything one way or the other.

With that said, however, it is at least reasonable to assume that the Bowman-to-tight end talk could be a legitimate possibility. When Bowman signed with Alabama in 2009 as a highly-touted recruit out of Ridgeland High, more than a few expressed an opinion that Bowman may continue to grow and effectively become too big for the wide receiver position. Given his 6'4 and 200+ pound frame as a high school prospect, it's easy to see the root of those concerns. Moreover, given the raw numbers we have at wide receiver after the 2010 recruiting class, realistically some people will be moving on elsewhere (whether that be by transfer, position change, or otherwise). If nothing else, Bowman has the physical ability to play more than one position, so he could be an attractive candidate in that regard.

One way or the other, keep your eye out on position changes in the coming weeks. Saban has long since held a reputation as a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to experimenting with different players in different positions, and keep in mind that because of the magnitude and importance of the BCS National Championship Game this past January, Saban was not afforded the luxury of doing that during bowl practices. Furthermore, we've got a lot of holes to fill, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, and a lot of talented players currently riding the pine. Whether the Bowman rumor has any validity or not, expect to see more than a few position changes in the coming weeks.