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Pac 10 Football Out of Conference Scheduling 2010

Here's the last of the lists of BCS out of conference scheduling opponents. The Pac 10 list will be the shortest seeing as they play only three out of conference games per team since they play nine conference games per year (hats off to them for that by the way.) USC plays 4 out of conference games this year. Without any further adieu, onto the list:

ARIZONA: at Toledo, The Citadel, Iowa

ARIZONA STATE: Portland State, Northern Arizona, at Wisconsin

CALIFORNIA: UC Davis, Colorado, at Nevada

OREGON: New Mexico, at Tennessee, Central Michigan

OREGON STATE: at TCU*, Louisville, at Boise State

STANFORD: Sacramento State, Wake Forest, at Notre Dame

UCLA: at Kansas State, Houston, at Texas

USC: at Hawai'i, Virginia, at Minnesota, Notre Dame

WASHINGTON: at BYU, Syracuse, Nebraska

WASHINGTON STATE: at Oklahoma State, Montana State, at SMU

*not official yet, but I've seen it listed on several sites and ESPN seems to think it's a go.

Initial impressions:

  • Half of the school are playing FCS teams, half are not (though Arizona State doubles up and plays two.)
  • Everybody plays a true road game. UCLA, USC, and Washington State play two out of conference games on the road.
  • 15 of 31 games (48%) are against BCS competition (and there are games against Boise & TCU mixed in there.)
  • 13 of 31 games (42%) are road games.
  • The Pac-10 is playing a higher percentage of games against BCS opponents and a higher percentage of road games than other BCS conferences.

Breakdown of opponents by conference (not counting the seven FCS teams):

  • Big 12 (5): Colorado, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Texas
  • Big 10 (3): Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin
  • Mountain West (3): BYU, New Mexico, TCU
  • WAC (3): Boise State, Hawai'i, Nevada
  • ACC (2): Virginia, Wake Forest
  • Big East (2): Louisville, Syracuse
  • C-USA (2): Houston, SMU
  • Independent (2): Notre Dame (x2)
  • MAC (2): Central Michigan, Toledo
  • SEC (1): Tennessee

The Pac-10 is clearly going to win this out of conference scheduling battle by a country mile.  It'll be interesting to see where all of the other conferences wind up though. I'm working on typing up my methodology and findings now. I might have it ready by Tuesday, but it's probably going to be more like Wednesday. Enjoy...