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The Crimson and White Roundtable: Post A-Day Edition

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We're playing host this week, so I'll throw the questions out there tonight and chime in with my thoughts on Wednesday.  In the meantime, 'Bama bloggers and commenters alike should chime on in at their leisure.  On to the questions:

1. How did you watch the game, and why?

2. Who stood out most on offense, be it for good or bad reasons?

3. Same question for the defense.

4. Did A-Day make you feel better or worse about our chances for a repeat in 2010?

5. With the long dark of the offseason finally upon us, what's your favorite coping mechanism?

Questions will also be posted over at the C&W Roundtable blog where we'll also keep track of the responses from other blogs (especially if they are helpful and post links to said responses in the comments, hint hint).