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RBR Special Feature: Q&A with Trevor Releford

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Earlier this week we profiled Alabama basketball signee Trevor Releford, a 5'11" point guard out of the Kansas City area. Trevor was nice enough to grant Roll 'Bama Roll a one-on-one interview, and we have the transcript of the entire interview below.

As a personal note, I want to go on the record and say that Trevor was an extremely nice and courteous young man when I spoke to him, and as you can see his from his answers, he seems like he has what it takes to be a winner at Alabama.

* * *

RBR: We know you had several offers from some big schools, so what exactly made you decide to come to Alabama?

Trevor Releford: Basically my relationship with Coach Grant, and when I came to the school to visit the campus, basically I just fell in love right away. And the guys on the team just made me feel right at home when I was there on the visit. I was able to visit for a camp and met all the staff there. Then I came back for my official visit, and was able to hang out with Coach Grant a lot then. That's what did it.

RBR: Coach Grant said when he was hired that his goal was to win championships at Alabama. What is your vision for where the program can go?

Trevor Releford: I know Coach Grant and his history. I know what he did at VCU, and then at Florida he got all those guys together. I believe with all the stuff he's done and with his vision he's going to change the program at Alabama, and like he said, win championships.

RBR: How many of Alabama's games this season were you able to watch?

Trevor Releford: I watched all the games that were on TV here [in the Kansas City area] like the Tennessee game, the Kentucky game, the Florida game where they lost at the buzzer, and some others.

RBR: So what do you think about how the season went since you were able to watch so many games?

Trevor Releford: The main thing--I mean, they had a good year, but they could have won some of those close games. But that's just [Grant's] first year and he's just getting used to the guys and the guys are getting used to him. Next year I think we'll be able to finish off games in the end, and hopefully we win the SEC championship and then go on from there.

RBR: So watching the games, what are your thoughts on the players you'll be playing with next season?

Trevor Releford: I mean JaMychal [Green] and Tony Mitchell, those two guys are real good players. All the other guys too, they're all great players. I mean these guys are establishing a legacy there and that's the kind of team I want to be a part of.

RBR: Were you able to attend any games in person this year? What did you think?

Trevor Releford: Yeah I went to the last game of the season [against Auburn]. The game was up-tempo, it was fast, it was everything I expected, and I can't wait to be a part of it.

RBR: Have you been in contact with a lot of the players so far?

Trevor Releford: Yeah I talk to Charvez [Davis], JaMychal [Green], Mikhail [Torrance], Drew [Andrew Steele]. I talk to Drew a lot. He's good people. All of them are really. Once I committed [before the season] they all kept in touch, seeing if I was good, seeing how my season was going, and I was doing the same with them.

RBR: What about the coaches?

Trevor Releford: Well, Coach Grant--he's the one who recruited me--and Coach Pettway, Coach Hip[sher], pretty much all of them. They're all good people, and that's what Mom liked about them too. That's what she said when she met them, she loved how good they were, aside from just coaching and stuff.

RBR: How do you think you'll fit into next year's team on the court?

Trevor Releford: Well, I'm a true point guard, and I like the up-tempo style. I like to play fast and I want to get everybody involved. I need to take care of the ball at the end of the game, just lead the team really. And that's what Coach Grant said he liked about me when he came to watch me this summer. That's what I think I'll bring to the team next year.

RBR: As you know, we lose both of our main point guards from this year's team. Since we lose both of those guys, do you feel like you're ready to come in--not to get ahead of ourselves--but are you prepared to come in and possibly be a starter, or at least a guy that plays a lot at the point guard position next year, as a freshman?

Trevor Releford: I mean, right now? Probably not right now, like ready to play there right now, today. But next year, when the season starts, I'll be ready. Especially when the coaches get in there with me, I'll be ready to play. With Mikhail Torrance, that's some big shoes to fill right there. He played real good this year.

RBR: What do you feel are the strengths of your game?

Trevor Releford: Finding other people, getting to the lane, creating for myself, just leading the team really.

RBR: What are some things you think you need to improve on as a player on the college level to be ready for next season?

Trevor Releford: Shoot my jump shot more consistently. Sometimes I'm on, sometimes I'm not, so I just need to shoot it more consistently. That's what Coach Grant wants, and that's what I need to do.

RBR: When will you be coming to Tuscaloosa?

Trevor Releford: I'm going to come in the summer. I think either June or July, I haven't decided yet.

RBR: How are you preparing for college as an athlete?

Trevor Releford: I've been doing a clinic with some trainers. Mostly I'm just in the gym every single day. Getting some shots up and things like that. Just getting better really.

RBR: How are you preparing academically? Are you ready to enroll in college as a student?

Trevor Releford: Yeah, I'm on track to graduate. I get that a lot, but I'm gonna be there at Alabama this year.

RBR: Finally, what are your goals for your college career, as a team and as an individual?

Trevor Releford: I just want to change the Alabama basketball program to get it back to where it was, and then hopefully win some championships--SEC, and then bigger championships than that. For me, I hope to leave a legacy behind at Alabama and then maybe one day make it to the next level after college.

* * *

Next week we'll be profiling fellow 2010 signee Charles Hankerson, a 6'5" combo guard out of the Miami area. We haven't been able to contact him yet for an interview, but we'll try to line that up as well.

One final note, I sent Trevor the link to this article, so for those of you who leave comments, be sure to thank him for doing this for us and welcome him to the Tide nation!