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BBall Recruiting: Late Signing Period Update

There hasn't been much more to come out in regard to additional players we hope to add in the late signing period starting here in just a couple of weeks. Like I summarized in this article, our two main targets are post players Ricardo Ratliffe and Luke Cothron, both considered truly elite players. Ratliffe recently stated while on his official visit to Clemson that Alabama, Arkansas, and Clemson were his top three. Cothron holds an offer from Kentucky, but he's looking heavily at both of his home state schools: Alabama and Auburn.

Yes, Auburn. Apparently new Auburn head coach and John Calipari protege Tony Barbee is wasting no time being a thorn in our side when it comes to recruiting. We should keep an eye on him, as he learned from the "best" when it comes to the recruiting game. We've had the good fortune for the most part for over two decades of not having to worry a great deal about losing in-state recruits to Auburn, but a coach with his "education" in the finer points of recruiting, along with a new arena to sell, could cause us some headaches. Just something to be mindful of, especially as we hit the homestretch for the 2011 class this summer (more on our targets for this class after the late signing period for the 2010 class).

We seem to have a great shot with both of the elite big guys discussed above for the late signing period, but since both players have mentioned playing time as a major concern, I have a hard time seeing us land both players in the same class. I also mentioned Josh Langford, but it seems as though the staff has backed off of him. I haven't seen or heard much of anything else regarding any other prospects other than our top two, so we may just be waiting to see how we finish with those guys before deciding if we will sign anyone else. To my knowledge they are the only two with firm offers for the 2010 late signing period.

Like I mentioned last time, I am no recruiting expert, I'm just trying to synthesize the information out there. On that note, if anyone has any additional knowledge or info on the 2010 late signing period, please post in the comments section. Thanks.