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The Curious Case of Marcel(l) Dareus

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The good Doctor e-mailed a little while ago wanting to know if we had any insight into the differing spellings of Marcell Dareus's name. During his recruitment, both Rivals and Scout spelled it "Marcel" (and his official bio on even listed the single L spelling for a time), but at least as of last year young Mr. Dareus has taken to spelling his name with an extra L.  I could care less how he spells it, of course, and would never dare question a force of such destructive power on how he wants to be known in print.  According to myth, Colt McCoy spelled it with a single L in the days leading up to the national title game, and we all know how that worked out.

You take away an L, I take away a shoulder. You heard.

The point remains, though, where did that superfluous L come from? Were we all just spelling his name wrong for two years and not knowing it, or did he just like the way two Ls looked? Anyone know?