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The New Jersey Numbers of Former Alabama Players

The rookie mini camps have begun in earnest around the NFL and the Crimson Tide players snapped up in the 2010 draft are busy getting started in their new careers. Most will be changing their jersey number from the ones we've been used to seeing them wear over the past few years.

In an effort to get us all updated on what new numbers we've all got to get accustomed to looking for on Sundays next Fall, I've scoured the team pages and beat writer reports to give you this handy list.

Rolando McClain: Oakland Raiders #55

Terrence Cody: Baltimore Ravens #63

Kareem Jackson: Houston Texans #25

Javier Arenas: Kansas City Chiefs #30

Mike Johnson: Atlanta Falcons #79

Marquis Johnson: St. Louis Rams #33

Brandon Deaderick: New England Patriots #71

Colin Peek: Atlanta Falcons #47

If anyone picks up the numbers of any other Alabama players in the camps - such as Lorenzo Washington in Dallas and Cory Reamer in New York - let us know in the comments. (Although, since these guys are unsigned free agents those are pretty likely to change down the road even if they make the final roster.)