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Roundup on Alabama Players in NFL Rookie Mini Camps

Ro goes to work.
Ro goes to work.

This weekend has seen a number of rookie mini camps across the NFL. We've been posting fanshot updates of various Alabama players as word has leaked out about their performance but  I figured a roundup might be easier to help everyone keep track. If you have any other details on how these guys are doing, please post it in the comments.

The Draftees

Rolando McClain: Oakland Raiders

After four practices in two days, the Oakland Raiders seem to be very happy with Rolando. Working with the starters from the start of the team's mini camp, he hasn't slowed down a step from what we saw at Alabama. Raider head coach Tom Cable has commented on the poise of his newest linebacker and Rolando's slot in the starting lineup seems almost assured.

"I just got to take it for what it is," McClain said. "The job is not going to be given to me. I know I have to work for it. I'm prepared for that. All I can do is step in and try do what I did at the University of Alabama, and that's be a leader."

Brandon Deaderick: New England Patriots

Up in Foxboro, Brandon was making his presence felt in the Patriots mini camp. He has been dropped into the mix under coaching assistant Pepper Johnson and seems to be doing well.

"My main thing is just retain all the information I learned up here in minicamp," he said, "and just getting in better shape to being able to keep up with the vets."

On a less positive note, Ian Rapoport notes that Brandon has stopped commenting on the robbery attempt that left him wounded before the Virginia Tech game. This is very likely because some of the more idiotic sportswriters up there have been using it to bash his character.

All of the rest are after the jump...

Javier Arenas: Kansas City Chiefs

In Kansas City, Javy has been busy turning heads as well but the news out of camp is the competition between him and former Ole Miss star Dexter McCluster for the team's returner slot.

"[There is] no trash talking [between us] but of course competition," Arenas said. "That's the big thing. You don't come here and just expect to play. No one does."

Marquis Johnson: St. Louis Rams

Not much word outta St. Louis about Marquis' progress in mini camp. That's partly due to the fawning attention being paid to the team's new quarterback. Still, I was able to dig up a picture of Marquis on the practice field.

Terrence Cody: Baltimore Ravens

Rookie mini camp starts Thursday

Mike Johnson: Atlanta Falcons

Rookie mini camp starts Thursday

Kareem Jackson: Houston Texans

Mini camp starts June 16


The Undrafted Free Agents

Cory Reamer: New York Jets

Under head coach Rex Ryan, the Jets have developed a fearsome and respected defensive. So it's saying something when an undrafted free agent gets singled out for high praise in the rookie mini camp. From all indications, Cory is likely to snag a contract (he went to the camp as a try out) and make it to the team's training camp.

Lorenzo Washington: Dallas Cowboys

Not much word on Lorenzo out of Valley Ranch. He's been name checked on a few mini camp reports but that's about it thus far.

Leigh Tiffin: Cleveland Browns

Word out of Cleveland is that Tiffin is still trying to get on with the Browns but his chances of making it to training camp will depend more on how many kickers the team want on the roster. In other news, he got assigned No. 10 - Brady Quinn's old number.

Justin Woodall: Chicago Bears

Justin get's name checked in reports on the 54 players attending the Bear's rookie mini camp but not much else.

Eryk Anders: Cleveland Browns

Nothing out of Berea on Eryk as the Browns rookie mini camp progresses.

Colin Peek: Atlanta Falcons

Mini camp starts Thursday

Roy Upchurch:

Still no word on if Roy has signed on with anyone or is angling for a tryout somewhere.