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Cory Reamer Is Now A NY Jet

Cory Reamer at the Jets mini camp. Photo Ed Murray/<a href="">The Star-Ledger</a>.
Cory Reamer at the Jets mini camp. Photo Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger.

After being singled out for praise every day in the New York Jets rookie mini camp, former Crimson Tide linebacker Cory Reamer was offered a free agent contract by the franchise today. He becomes the eleventh player from Alabama's 2009 National Championship squad to sign on with an NFL team.

Reamer was initially offered a tryout slot with the Jets but his performance and grasp of the defense convinced Head Coach Rex Ryan to make him a  part of the team. According to the Press-Register's Gentry Estes, Reamer will return to work with the team later this month and is expected to be on hand for the Fall camp in August.

While it was his performance on the field that help convince the coaches, being a veteran of the most recent national championship team has also helped ease his transition in the locker room.

"Now I have three rings to show for [the 2009 season] so it’s pretty nice," he said. "When you walk in the locker room, everyone’s like, 'Do you have the rings?' Everyone wants to see them."

In addition to Reamer, seven Alabama players were selected in the 2010 NFL Draft and three others penned free agent contracts immediately afterward. Leigh Tiffin is trying out at the Cleveland Browns mini camp and Justin Woodall is at the Chicago Bears mini camp. Roy Upchurch is still unsigned and seeking a team.

UPDATE: 3rd Saturday in Blogtober notes that Reamer will graduate this week with a masters in sports management.