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Monday Morning Required Reading is Back From the Jungle

You know all those beautiful jungle lodges you see advertised in all the travel brochures? This ain't one of 'em.
You know all those beautiful jungle lodges you see advertised in all the travel brochures? This ain't one of 'em.

So last week your humble correspondent had to do some real work so he could afford to loaf off and entertain you lot. That required getting in a truck and driving across the Andes of Southern Peru and into the Amazon basin. Which sounds all romantic and fun and all but the reality is not nearly as pleasant. It was more like The Wages of Fear without the nitroglycerin. You sit in the back of a truck for hours on end and get so hot and sweaty that your underwear starts to ride up your.... well, anyway, the food was great.

But now I'm back at the home base and ready to crank out your MMRR. So buckle up...

Safe Keeping

Mark Ingram went back to his hometown of Flint, Michigan amid much fanfare this weekend and one reporter asked him where he keeps his Heisman Trophy. On his mom’s kitchen table in Grand Blanc, was his reply; "What else do you do with a Heisman Trophy?"

You Better Listen When Your Mother is Talking to You

The mother of former Bama basketball standout Robert Horry also got mentioned as the NBA star was inducted to the Alabama Hall of Fame. Turns out he almost went to play for Georgia Tech. Then his mother told him "I won't come see you play if you are in Atlanta." Also, former Tide basketball coach Wimp Sanderson seriously did not like losing to Auburn.

Crimson Tide NFL Rookie Reports

Kareem Jackson is turning heads in Houston, Atlanta sees a lot to like in Mike Johnson and in Baltimore the haters be hatin' on Terrence Cody but our pals at Baltimore Beatdown have his back.

Dept. of Desperate Political Gambits

Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James says he isn't going to cut Coach Nick Saban's salary if elected. Gee, thanks for clearing that up. Here at RBR we prefer to keep politics out of our football, it would be nice if you could return the favor.

If Its Monday We Must Be Moaning About the NCAA

Last week the topic was what would be the reaction of Alabama fans if the NCAA let USC skate over the whole Reggie Bush mess. This week Michigan has to respond to the NCAA's allegations of major violations and folks are starting to scry the tea leaves up there.