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2010 SEC Baseball Tournament Open Thread


Who is up for some baseball for breakfast? Believe it or not, Alabama still apparently has a baseball team -- they've got uniforms and everything -- and somehow despite only having a .500 conference record and needing a late-season rally just to make it to Hoover, we've got a top 20 RPI and are apparently NCAA Tournament bound (that's REC related, I'm sure).

In any event, we play in the opening game of the SEC Tournament today at 9:30 against Auburn. Oh sure, regardless of the outcome of this particular game the scoreboard will still read 26-21 -- or 36-0, if moral victories aren't your thing -- but who cares? It's 9:30 in the morning, and what the hell else are you going to do, work? Waste time on your employer's dime here. You'll thank me tomorrow.