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POLL: What OOC Team Should Alabama Schedule?

A few weeks ago, Georgia Tech wussed out requested a postponement in the series with Alabama set for 2013 and 2014. The result was a pretty big gap in our OOC lineup for the foreseeable football future (not to mention the ongoing hunt for an opponent to open the 2012 season). The panjandrums in the athletic departments say they are hard at work arranging some kind of marquee matchup but of course that's not going to stop us suggesting who we'd like to see.

Over the past few weeks there has been a decent amount of chatter both here on RBR and elsewhere in the sports blogosphere about which out-of-conference team that would look best on the Crimson Tide schedule. Nico2.0 even posted a poll that asked which conference the ideal team should hail from (Pac 10 won handily). And the reasoning behind everyone's individual preferences are all over the map. Some folks want revenge games, other folks want historic matchups and then there are some folks whining that nobody takes them seriously.

So because I'm procrastinating from real work a dedicated blogger I went back and culled the teams whose names kept coming up the the discussion and whipped up this poll. No, it's not all inclusive and yes, I left off teams like Virginia Tech, Michigan State and Penn State who we've played recently or plan to (with the obvious exceptions, of course). If you don't see the team you'd like to see Bama face off against, mash "other" and plop their name down in the comments.