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SEC Baseball Tournament: Day Two Open Thread

Photo Credit: Eric SanInocencio
Photo Credit: Eric SanInocencio

Can't say yesterday wasn't interesting: All four teams in the Loser's Bracket are also the top four seeded teams in the tournament, and our own Crimson Tide started the trend with a 7-1 walloping of the #2 seed Auburn.  We'll take on the Ole Miss Rebels in Game 7 later this afternoon (scheduled for 4:30, though who knows what may happen in the early games to bump it back), but go ahead and talk about the losers here until the time comes.  Auburn will try to stay alive with a win over South Carlina at 9:30 in Game 5, Florida and Arkansas will duke it out in Game 6, and after the Tide and Rebels comes LSU vs Vandy in Game 8.  All games are on CSS, you can get live updates at the SEC Tournament Central page, or you can watch a video feed over at

UPDATE: After 12 innings, Auburn finally puts it away with a 3-1 final score. Game 6 up shortly.