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Yeah, It's Way Too Early But What The Heck - A Look at the 2010 SEC

Dr. Saturday took a gander at the calendar this morning and noticed that we've pretty much hit the halfway point of the off-season. Four months behind us, four more in front of us. May God have mercy on our souls.

The upside is that now we can officially stop looking back at the glorious achievements of the year past and start focusing on the season to come. And, with everyone's Spring practices wrapped up the time is ripe to start scrying the tea leaves and launch in to premature pontifications over what's going to transpire on the gridiron in September.

Still, it's a good time to start memorizing the storylines around the conference you'll be expected to know by heart when the preview mags start hitting the stands a month from now.

ESPN's Chris Low has commemorated this occasion with an SEC power ranking that touches on all the important points: Alabama is the Alpha Dog but Florida is right on their tail. Arkansas is this year's Ole Miss and LSU is too bipolar to make any kind of reasonable assesment of but put them high up cause if the Saints can win the Super Bowl it's likely there are powers beyond our understanding at work here.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Tony Barnhart got all excited over the weekend as well and cranked out his own power poll for the conference. He's posted the SEC East version and promises to have the SEC West online tomorrow (ed: added). He'll be covering the rest of college football day by day after that.

Much more edifying is a pair of articles that were produced by the New Orleans Times-Picayune over the weekend. The paper's LSU beat writer, Jim Kleinpeter, rounded up the beat writer for each school in the conference (including our own Gentry Estes) and got them to contribute their assessment of the team's prospects in 2010. The piece SEC East can be found here and the SEC West can be found here.

The last item you should check out is the recent project undertaken by Year2 over at SB Nation's website covering the whole of the SEC, Team Speed Kills. Somehow he got included on last weeks round of conference calls with each of the the SEC coaches and was kind enough to post synopses for each and every one. You probably got the info on what Coach Saban said but here's a great opportunity to find out what all the other HC's around the conference said as well.