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Poll: Who Can Beat the Crimson Tide?

In case you missed it, Spencer Hall over at Every Day Should Be Saturday posted an interesting open letter from a Gator fan to Alabama fans arguing that then 2010 football season is not going to be as rosy as we are making it right now in the soothing wake of the National Championship.

Spencer argues that new talent can't replace lost experience, performance from the veterans won't be constant, the bizarre unexplainable down games will happen and the fact is there is someone on the slate who is living just to take us down and take us down hard.

The warning is against the sins of complacency and entitlement that are as inevitable as they will be crippling. Coach Saban has this covered with the team but we fans are left at the mercies of our own rapidly increasing expectations. And it doesn't help matters that the prognosticators are already lining up to whisper all those wonderful things in our ears we have yearned to hear for so so long.

Because there's an inescapable truth at the heart of this: with two undefeated regular seasons and a 14-game win streak, the stakes get higher every notch in the "W" column. And escaping the SEC West - much less the conferenece - unscathed in any single season is unlikely enough but to do it three years in a row is simply unfathomable.

The practical question that it elicits is "Who?" Who is out there between Sept. 4 and Nov. 26 that will take down this juggernaut of a team? So our poll asks, which team - if any - on the 2010 slate will be the one to break Alabama's win streak?