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Results of the "Who Can Beat the Crimson Tide?" Poll

As long as we aren't facing this guy, we're good.


Yesterday we posted a poll asking you, our loyal readers, which team on the 2010 slate was most likely to best the Crimson Tide. The results were... overwhelming. After just more than 24 hours, a full 55% of the 1,234 respondents opted for "Nobody. We're going to run the table again, baby!"


That earned us a jibe from Spencer Hall, whose unsolicited advice earlier this week prompted the whole debate (although he interprets the poll as positing we are insisting we will repeat as national champions, which is not correct). If this experience has demonstrated nothing else, it's that we should expect a lot of this kind of reaction in the next nine months or so.

In any case, if we exclude the "other" option and take a gander at the teams on the 2010 slate folks are concerned about there some edifying results to be gathered:


The Florida Gators remain Crimson Tide's bogeyman by a pretty good margin but the early matchup with Petrino's Razorbacks in Fayetteville is very much on the minds of Alabama fans. Interestingly, the first matchup with a BCS school on the schedule, Penn State on Sept. 11, isn't seen as a major obstacle. Another interesting note; more folks seem concerned with the road trip to Colombia, SC to face Spurrier's Gamecocks on Oct. 9 than the odyssey to Death Valley on Nov. 6 to meet Miles' Bayou Bengals.

In any case, thanks to everyone for voting and Roll Tide!