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Roundup on Alabama Players in NFL Rookie Mini Camps

Last Sunday we posted a roundup on how the members of Alabama's 2009 National Championship team were doing during their initial foray into the pro ranks. This weekend there are two NFL rookie mini camps going on that we've got our eye on - Baltimore and Atlanta.

Terrence Cody l Baltimore Ravens

Terrence Cody meets the media at the Baltimore Ravens mini camp. Photo via Baltimore Beatdown

Terrence Cody meets the media at the Baltimore Ravens mini camp. Photo via Baltimore Beatdown

Cody was picked up by Baltimore in the second round of the NFL draft but the team didn't hold any kind of press conference "introducing" the big fella. So the Raven's mini camp has been the first opportunity for the fans to get a taste of what he'll bring to their team.

He didn't waste time. On the very first play Cody "swallowed running back Ray Rice" according to the team's website. And according to head coach John Harbaugh, Cody is doing well keeping his weight under control. We hate to say "we told you so" but.... well, actually we're enjoying the hell out of it.

The links are below but also be sure to check out Cody's on field interview with the beat reporters posted at the Raven's website. He's got a couple of comments explaining how playing under Coach Saban at Alabama prepared him for the pro game; "We came from a program that's all about business."

Roy Upchurch l Baltimore Ravens

After waiting by the phone for almost two weeks, Roy finally got a break with an invite to the Raven's mini camp as an unsigned free agent. Then word came down yesterday he failed his physical and was not allowed to participate.

Mike Johnson l Atlanta Falcons

Mike Johnson and Colin Peek at the Falcons mini camp.

Mike Johnson and Colin Peek at the Falcons mini camp. Photo via The Falcoholic.

It's May in beautiful Flowery Branch so the Falcons must be in mini camp. We've had tons of former Alabama offensive lineman Mike Johnson sightings but not a heck of a lot of info on his performance. Still, from the looks of things the mini camp is going well for the big guy.

Colin Peek l Atlanta Falcons

Tight end Colin Peek waited through the three-day NFL draft last month and didn't hear his name called but the phone rang right after with a free agent deal with the Falcons.  He certainly didn't hesitate to make an impression at the team's first mini camp. He got the coaches attention on Day 1 by reeling in a one-handed catch while running backwards.

After the jump, we catch up with the other Alabama players from the 2009 squad working to make their name at the next level...

Rolando McClain l Oakland Raiders

While most of the Raider Nation has been focused on a former LSU quarterback that couldn't keep away from the beignets, there's still a lot of interest in Ro. The Oakland Tribune has a pretty in-depth piece on Rolando's turbulent family situation growing up. The Mercury News notes that hemay be able to bring a new standard of excellence to the Raider's linebacking corps but its likely to get overlooked due to the emphasis on offense in the NFL. And some hack over at The Sporting News notes he hasn't signed his contract yet.

Marquis Johnson l St. Louis Rams

There wasn't much on Marquis last week but since the Rams mini camp he has gotten name checked in a wrap-up story and a nice write up in his hometown paper.

Brandon Deaderick l New England Patriots

Information is at a premium out of New England in the wake of the Patriots mini camp but Ian Rapaport gets a comment from Brandon about the most important thing he's trying to do now - absorb all the new info that's been thrown at him. He's also listed in a story about the agents representing various rookies.

Javier Arenas l Kansas City Chiefs

Looks like Javy was doing the media circuit after the mini camp and got called out for giving canned answers on a radio show but stuck to his guns. I get the feeling the interviewers aren't familiar with Coach Saban's particular style of conducting press conferences.