Stay Classy, Alabama

Just a brief reminder as we weight for the hammer to drop on USC today: if you remember being a fan at the beginning of 2002, it shouldn't take much prodding to remember how much being on the receiving end of this level of sanctions felt, and how irritating it was for a bunch of schools, fans, and analysts to be so schadenfreude-happy. Many of us were on edge, defensive, and mad as hell.

If you go over to USC blogs over the next few days, you will likely see a commenter or two saying bizarre things about how the Bush scandal wasn't as bad as the Albert Means scandal (and, therefore, the punishment should be less harsh) and otherwise just generally saying things that don't make a lot of sense to neutral observers.

Leave them be. No matter how irritating a few of their trollish fans have been around here the past few weeks, no matter how much you hate USC, no matter how much you want to say "see, I told you so" . . .

There will be plenty of threads here at RBR for you to do your pointing and laughing if that's what you want to do, so unless you have kind or conciliatory words, it might be best just to avoid the commenting on the USC blogs for a while. They're going to have enough trouble dealing with their various little brothers without having to deal with other programs' d-bag fans, too.

As a public service, if you feel the urge to get all over some USC commenter, just watch something from the uasports channel on YouTube and see if that doesn't just make it all better.

Might I suggest:

2010 BCS National Championship - #1 Alabama vs #2 Texas (via UAsports)

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