SEC's options for expansion

So with all the recent developments in college football, what are the best options for SEC expansion? The likely targets will come from the ACC, Big East, and perhaps what's left of the Big 12.

Big 12

Texas A&M- Probably a long shot because of ties to Texas, but there is a sentiment at College Station that they would fit in better in the SEC, and possibly a recruiting edge that would be created. Would be a great tactical addition to the SEC in terms of TV market and recruiting.

Kansas University- Geographically, Kansas is about as close as A&M, and with the position they are in, they would surely accept a bid if it was offered. They would be an instant upgrade in terms of basketball. Their football is just decent, but do we really need every team we add to be dominant? In terms of a strategic asset, Kansas could be a nice addition to bring in the midwest market.


Florida State- Would be a good fit for the SEC, but Florida may object to an in-state rival joining the SEC. Has value to the SEC because of name recognition, but none in terms of expanding geographical TV markets.

Virginia Tech/Virginia- Would these these need to be a package deal? Perhaps. Tech's athletics are consistently good and Virginia is supposedly a good academic school (fwiw). The Virginia/DC TV markets would be a nice pickup for the SEC.

Clemson- they got a lake.

Georgia Tech- They were once part of the SEC, so it would be a great fit. Question is do they bring much to the table?

Miami- Same deal as Florida State.

North Carolina- Big time basketball pickup. Their football team is improving, and joining the SEC could help them further. Some TV market expansion.

Duke- Head a rumor Duke was on Slive's list, but I don't buy it. Their football is too bad, and there are other options with similar basketball.

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