I was wrong...Pete was right

Well, I'll admit I was surprised by the NCAA penalties.

I was not surprised that USC was guilty. But, I always felt that the NCAA would find a way to appear to be coming down on USC while still only slapping their wrist. I felt the NCAA would isolate Bush and say USC was basically clean in the matter.

And, I felt the NCAA would do this because USC is one of their favorites. I also felt that, although Bama was guilty in the Means case, the NCAA did to us what they did because they really didn't like us. You have to admit until today our penalty was the closest thing we have seen to SMU and I just do not feel we were in SMU territory. My belief was inforced by the whole text book thing. (I still think to vacate wins over this was too strong.)

So, I'm not now an NCAA supporter by any means. But I must admit I no longer see them as a big conspiracy against Alabama. And I judged them a bit unfairly.

Furthermore, Pete Holiday was right all along.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the debate. But it was not argument for the sake of argument, I really thought USC would get off. And, although I don't hate USC, I'm glad they got what they deserved. I'm glad I was wrong.

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