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Ever wonder how those Aggie jokes got started?

It has been said that in Poland, they tell Aggie jokes. Good luck arguing against that. Sure the Aggies are pretty much natural born losers, god love 'em, but don't take my word for it, take them in their own words. Enjoy:

Sorry, but we didn't win today.

Sure, we manipulated the game and crushed the Pac 10 expansion...but now we're in a weaker conference, Bevo TV will debut this season, and we miss an incredible opportunity to gain momentum against tu.

A&M recommitted to mediocrity for a couple bucks. We showed them!

We were the KEY player but we didn't win shit. I will continue to support Texas A&M but I won't pay for this site anymore.

We did not win, we look like tools

Because we have faired so well in the Big 12 to date and now the sips have MORE control and MORE $$.

A&M Athletics is a complete joke.

This is in no way a good thing. If you think it is, you're delusional.

I'm sick of Aggie-playing-not-to-lose leadership. I guaran-damn-tee you that if the shoe were on the other foot, at least the horns would have the nads to make the right decision...This is absolutely the final straw for me. @zzClowns all of them.

Texas gets more money, more control, and their own television network.... That sounds great for A&M...

The conference will fall apart again in a couple of years. Texas will tons of options, including independence with their own network, and can choose what is best for them. A&M will have to hope that the SEC is still interested.

So the first bump in $$ we get is to pay off our stupid athletic dept debt. The next bump is to buy our way out of a conference championship game that we'll never play in anyway. We really showed 'em this time!

"Ags win on this deal"

Please stop using heroin.

Our BOR screwed us. That's the deal.

We are tu's b*tch. Always have been, always will be.

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nevermind... it just isn't worth it

"My wife used to cheat on me all the time. Then, she filed for divorce. I told her she could continue to ***** around with other men and spend all my money, if she'd just not divorce me.

I saved my marriage and got my wife to stay with me.

I sure showed her."

They are all leaches on Texas. They will do whatever they say.

And apparently we are too.

Anyone think bribery was involved?


A boycott won't be necessary. Attendance will continue to drop.

Another pitiful decision by A&M leadership.


Looch, we just pissed away the best opportunity we'll ever have so that we can play in the most unstable conference in the modern era.

We are a joke.

A&M athletics is dead to me

when sips leave in a few years and we're blacklisted from the SEC, I may just burn the entire athletic dept to the ground.

Once again, our leadership finds a way to snag defeat from the jaws of victory. It's The Aggie Way.



I ****ING HATE YOU ****ERS!!!


There are no words to describe this BS! We had texas by the balls and we caved!! We seriously need to remove the A&M from our name and change it to the "University of Texas @ college Station".

This is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my 38 years of being an Aggie. I am truly ashamed and really question if I went to the right school. What kind of message were we sent? To be subservient? To bow? Yup...that's the Aggie Way that I learned.

One word: NEUTERED.