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Monday Morning Required Reading Returns for Wednesday

Remember folks, we're less than 100 days from actual honest-to-goodness football.
Remember folks, we're less than 100 days from actual honest-to-goodness football.

With the SEC Spring Meeting in Florida and the first appearances of the preview magazines hither and yon, there's a decent amount of football news out there this morning. So, even though it showed up for work on Memorial Day, here's a surprise mid-week appearance of MMRR...

SEC Spring Meetings

The possibility of an expanded SEC has dominated Day One coverage of the meetings being held at the Destin Sandestin Hilton (well, that and Urban Meyer's indigestion and Miss. State's damned cowbells). But there are a number of other pressing issues on the agenda for the four-day pow wow that are worth staying abreast of. Keep checking in over at Team Speed Kills for coverage.

Saban: I Am Where I Am

As linked to by OTS yesterday and expounded upon by Dr. Saturday this morning, Coach Saban was asked by reporters about the practice of coaches jumping from one job to another and said, point blank, he's staying put in Tuscaloosa.

"It's always a difficult decision to leave any place, and it is a decision I am never going to make again. I am where I am. If they get a football team at Lake Burton, I might go there. Otherwise, I am where I am."

He also told reporters he really misses the ability to go out on the recruiting trail in spring like he used to.

"That was something I really enjoyed doing. I liked going to watch practice. I liked watching guys. I think you promote high school football when you do that, but I also think you can always make a better evaluation of a player if you can see him first-hand... But now not being able to do that, you have a little bit more time, a little bit more speaking [engagements]. So I have time to do more things that I don’t enjoy as much.

And his favorite off-season relaxation activity? Let's just say it involves Gators and chainsaws. (last graf)

The Rise of the 3-4 Defense

The ubiquity of the Spread offense has launched a renaissance with the 3-4 defense with the Alabama Crimson Tide leading the way, according to Tom Dienhart at This season, no less than 14 schools will run a 3-4 defense and another five will use the 3-3-5 which can be considered a variation of the scheme. Several top programs are installing the defense this season including Texas Tech, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame are picking it up this season. Georgia is also switching to the 3-4 and there are a lot of good comments in this article from new Georgia DC Todd Grantham, who worked under Coach Saban at Michigan State.

Terrence Cody Remains Large, In Charge

Former Alabama noseguard and dead set legend Terrence Cody continues to impress in Baltimore and Ravens coach John Harbaugh can't say enough good things about of the team's second-round draft pick.

 "I mean, he really does a good job studying the defense. Really, in the first mini-camp, as much as we threw on him, he came out here and picked it up really quickly... He works hard in the weight room. He works hard in the conditioning stuff, so all plusses so far. Obviously, when the pads come on, I think it'll even be more of a strength for him, but he's done well so far."

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