Friday Random 10

Got a double dose of Lobotomia on my mix and so you get a double dose too:

01: LOBOTOMIA - "A Vida está pra Acabar"
02: MORRISSEY - "Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed"
03: STARFLYER 59 - "The Brightest of the Head"
04: THE SMITHS - "Meat is Murder"
05: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - "Take the Power Back"
06: LOBOTOMIA - "Não se Iluda"
07: NINE INCH NAILS - "24 Ghosts III"
08: BEENIE MAN - "Trus Me"
09: KORPIKLAANI - "Mettänpeiton Valtiaalle"
10: ROB ZOMBIE - "Super Charger Heaven"

Post your list below and discuss...

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